The Team

Folks at the helm

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    Hari Parameswaran

    — Founder & Head R&D

    50 years of invention, innovation, creation of world class teaching aids for children and teachers to make learn science learning Easy, Enjoyable and Effortless. Hari’s mantra is Put children at the centre, then Work is Play & Play is Work.

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    Sujatha Ramani

    — Managing Director

    22 years in the Sales, Marketing & Retail Management with MNCs and an MBA are not the only things that makes our energetic, dynamic and driven MD special!

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    Lakshmi Krishnakumar

    — Director International Ops

    Over the last 22 years in India & abroad with premier agencies, Lakshmi brings to the table international best practice in advertising, marketing and CRM.

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    Mani H Parameswaran

    — Director – Strategy & Planning

    Mani, with over 18 years of international Strategic Media & Product Management experience, also brings to the table a very aesthetic eye and quality focus.

  • Our People

    Our team drives quality and passion for education at every level whether on the production floor, in R&D support or in interacting with children. Zappkitz – Dynam are blessed with a dedicated team of experienced professionals who are focussed on raising the bar for Education.


  • R & D and Quality Control

    Young people are our key strength. From testing our products, delivering an honest verdict or coming up with unique innovations, they are our life-force. Our products are tested with over 5,000 children before they get to consumers!

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