What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Rajesh

    On my 10th birthday, I got a Zappkitz Microscope as a birthday gift from my mother. It can show you a leaf’s veins for example. It can magnify upto 60X. It was a good gift from my mother for my birthday. If you want to buy it you can search online and get it. If you say so it will be wonderful. It is the best gift for you to have!

    Aby Paul, Age 8Bangalore, India
  • Peter S Rao

    I received a gift from my mom for getting great grades in my finals. When I opened the wrapper I saw the Dynam Electrikit. Was really curious. So I quickly opened, looked at the cool instruction manual and got started. WOWOWOW. Really exciting and a fun way to learn. I told my mom we should gift this to 2 other friends for their birthdays. Thank you Zappkitz.

    Mohammed Suhail, Age 10Dubai, UAE